About Us

Welcome to RockforD Kindergarten

RocKForD Kindergarten operates from two centres

  • An exclusive Kindergarten campus in Karnur (Near Anthivadi Stadium)is in close proximity to cater to the children located in and around Hosur town.
  • The Kindergarten Section in the Senior Secondary school campus at Mathagondapalli caters to students from Belagondapalli, Thally, Denkanikottai and the surrounding villages

Both the centres can be reached by school buses

Our school is devoted to excellence in developing a child's overall personality and self esteem by nurturing their natural curiosity, encouraging creative freedom and self their expression. We emphasise on social and moral values from the Kindergarten level.

We are more than just a school. Apart from text books every child is encouraged to open its mind to a myriad of extra curricular activities like music, dance, Art, Yoga, Kungfu, Games, Field trips etc.


Our campus is covered by CCTV cameras. We have well trained motherly housekeeping staff who upkeep the hygiene of the school.We also run a DAY CARE for working mothers (Please click on DAY CARE for more details).

Transition to the Primary school is in-house as we run upto Grade XII under the CBSE Board.


Provide child centric approach to explore interests and ambitions of every child and encourage to accomplish them.


Identify each child's potential and facilitate them to grow through various activities.

Encourage every child to imagine their dreams and help them to innovate through their acquired knowledge. .

Motivate the children to develop empathy for the needy in the society.