"Joy for Learning is the Crux of our curriculum"

We follow an integrated curriculum to meet the needs of each child's interest.

We blend the principles of Regio Emilia approach such as:

  • Children are able to construct their own learning
  • Teachers are partners, nurturers and guides in every activity the child does
  • Involvement of parents in child's behaviour and learning

Regio Emilia emphasises on the Hundred languages of a child, that is, each child has

  • Hundred ways of thinking
  • Hundred ways of speaking
  • Hundred ways of playing
  • Hundred ways of listening
  • Hundred ways of loving
  • Hundred ways of understanding
  • Hundred ways of discovering
  • Hundred ways of dreaming

The teacher should not steal away from the child but should allow them to explore

Regular assessments also happen and Report cards will be issued every term.